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  • What are the key objectives of Suriname ESW ?

    Following are key objectives of Suriname ESW project:

    - Single Entry Point for all trade processes

    - Reduce Processing Time of permits, licenses, declarations, manifests

    - Adopt International Best Practices such as WCO, UNCEFACT, TF

    - Harmonization & Simplification of import, export and transit procedures

    - Transparency & Enhanced Security in government processes

    - Improve Ease of Doing Business for trading community

    - Reduce overall costs in trade operations

  • How do I register my company in Suriname ESW?

    Please refer our Registration page for details



  • What are the LPCO's supported in Suriname ESW ?

    Following are the Licenses, Permits, Certificates and Other documents (LPCOs) supported in Suriname Electronic Single Window platform:

    Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EOTI):

    - H03 for Pesticides

    - H03 for Hazardous Items

    - H03 for Round logs

    - H03 for Sawn Timber

    - H03 for Exotic, Crafts and Others

    - H03 for Ceder wood/Mahogany

    - H03 for Planned Timber

    - H03 for Square Logs

    - H03 for Roughly Machined Logs

    - H03 for Sleepers

    - H03 for Angled Logs

    - H03 for Heartwood

    - H03 for Plant Products and Plants

    - H03 for Basic Goods

    - H03 For Strategic Goods

    Ministry of Agriculture - Plant Protection:

    - Permit for Plant Products and Plants

    - Phytosanitary Certificate Request

    - Phytosanitary Certificate Request for Rice

    - Replacement Request for Phytosanitary Certificate

    Foreign Exchange Commission:

    - License for Gold Export

    - Permit for Gold/Precious stones Export (G Form)

    - Permit for Money Export (G Form)

    General Economics Department:

    - Request for Price List

    Ministry of Agriculture - Fisheries:

    - Catch Certificate

    Geological Mining Department:

    - Request for Export of Rock & Minerals

    - Request for Export of Rock & Minerals for analysis

  • What are the minimum system requirements for Suriname ESW ?

    The recommended minimum Internet connection speed for Suriname SEW is 1 MBPS. There may be a delay in response time if your Internet speed is less than 1 MBPS. Suriname ESW is compatible with the following browsers - Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You will need a printer if you intend to print the documents generated by the system. You will need a scanner if you intend to scan and attach documents while submitting an application.

  • What should I do if I loose my password ?

    You can contact your organization administrator to help you reset the password or You can use Forgot Password link from the login page.

  • How to get support and help ?

    Please contact the Helpdesk of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation.

    Support email:

    Support Phone/WhatsApp: +597 885-2518, +597 841-8450

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